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Signs & Wayfinding

Clearly and consistently conveying the identity, location, and wayfinding of and within the Auburn University campus is a fundamental objective of the adopted Auburn University Comprehensive Campus Master Plan. In an effort to provide for this need, as well as to promote a higher quality visitor experience, enhance existing and new traffic patterns, and reduce visual clutter, a unified sign program is an essential element to the future planning goals of Auburn University.

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Campus Master Plan

See what the coming year has in store by reading the Auburn University comprehensive Campus Master Plan.

Substantial Impact

Signs have a substantial impact on the campus landscape and the ability of visitors to successfully navigate the Auburn University environment. Disorganized and inconsistent signage can detract from visitor experience, leading to confusion and visual sign “clutter”. In the absence of a formally documented program, signage can ultimately convey an unorganized, disconnected, and poor campus image. Beyond a collection of sign designs, the Sign and Wayfinding Program Manual sets out to illustrate a family of signs to enhance the campus environment and improve wayfinding.

Reinforcing Auburn's Image

As a component of the Auburn University Comprehensive Campus Master Plan, The Sign and Wayfinding Program Manual serves as a definitive signage strategy for Auburn University. This document outlines a set of guidelines for all exterior signage on Auburn University property, including but not limited to regulatory signage, as well as pedestrian and vehicular wayfinding, informational, and interpretive signage throughout the campus and other facilities. The designs specified are a response to the character of the main campus and are envisioned as a reinforcement of the guidelines identified by The Image and Character of Auburn University. These designs build on Auburn University’s graphic identity, and prove as a means to consistently apply that identity to facilities statewide.

Materials Checklist

Also included in the manual are elements within the signage system such as materials, text, finish, colors, and graphics. This program was developed and adopted with the active participation of stakeholder groups on campus to establish the standards for design and implementation of all exterior signs in the University system and to promote a consistent and easily navigable environment for members of the campus community and guests alike.

Installation Request

Implementation and maintenance of the Auburn University Sign and Wayfinding Program Manual is the responsibility of the Office of the University Architect. All proposals or requests for installation of exterior signs on campus should be addressed to the Office of the University Architect and are subject to its approval. This includes regulatory and safety related signs. Non-conforming or non-approved signs can be subject to immediate removal.

Temporary or Interior Signage

The Sign & Wayfinding Program Manual addresses permanent Auburn University exterior signage. For temporary campus signage for student events or fundraisers, please contact Student Affairs. For interior signage, please contact Facilities Management: Maintenance & Operations.


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