Moving Assistance

Before beginning any moving process, contact Linda Lauderdale, describe the move and key participants, and coordinate with the proper departments concerning your specific move’s details.

Moving Services

Support Services is available to move furniture and equipment. Requests should be placed with Work Management by calling 844-HELP at least 10 business days before the moving date. Departments will be billed through Direct Charge.

Moving Checklist

Make sure you have everything squared aware before moving — use the moving checklist to make sure it is!

Read the Checklist
Typical Move Request Process
  1. Send an email to Property Services, Linda Lauderdale, describing the move and key participants.
  2. Once the move is approved by Property Services, a work order is created and sent to Service Support.
  3. Service Support contacts and coordinates move with customer.
What to Do Before Movers Arrive
  • View move checklist
  • Empty desks to be moved
  • Unplug computers and other electronic equipment
  • Empty lateral file cabinets
  • Box files to be moved
  • Label all boxes with the department name, owner name, new building name and new room number

Contracted Moving Services

If you need to coordinate a move on campus, you should work through the Campus Relocation Coordinator to ensure that your move is complete and successful. Each move is unique in its requirements and the information below will provide general directions and discussion on the basics of planning a successful move.

Review the Guidelines to Contract Moving Services
Typical Move Request Process
  • Typical contracted moves are at the request of a project, however non-project assistance is available
  • Contracted move assistance is chargeable via a Purchase Order
  • The Campus Relocation Coordinator interfaces with the Service Support Supervisor to assess best options for move assistance
  • Sizes of moves range from small to large
Types of Contracted Moves
  • Interoffice
  • Relocation due to renovation
  • Relocation to new building
  • Immediate moves due to water or fire damages
  • Laboratory moves
  • Library moves
  • Surplus moves
For further information, see the guides below:

Surplus Property

For more information about moving surplus property, please visit Auburn’s Surplus Property Department website.

Learn More About Surplus Property