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Project Design

The information presented here is intended to assist architects, engineers, and design professionals in understanding the University’s policies, design standards, and standard requirements for materials to be included in all Auburn University projects.  Guidelines, templates, and other resources are provided below. These resources are required for use by all personnel who participate in the project design and construction processes at Auburn University.

Auburn University posts all requests for qualifications (RFQ) on the Facilities RFQ Calendar in addition to the Alabama Department of Finance, Division of Construction Management website here.

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Auburn Drawing

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Signs & Wayfinding

Clearly and consistently conveying the identity, location, and wayfinding of and within the Auburn University campus is a fundamental objective of the adopted Auburn University Comprehensive Campus Master Plan. In an effort to provide for this need, as well as to promote a higher quality visitor experience, enhance existing and new traffic patterns, and reduce visual clutter, a unified sign program is an essential element to the future planning goals of Auburn University.

For inquiries regarding signage, please contact Tyler Caldwell.

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