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Moving Checklist

Level 1

Routine Moves

Routine moves are classified as any move between departments, facilities, or buildings on campus.


(Special Note: The Project Manager in many instances will be the actual customer.)

  • Project Manager – Department will place request for service with a memo to work management. Service Support and Waste Reduction & Recycling (WRRD) will contact designated project manager to schedule an on-site inspection to assess needs.
  • Service Support – It is the department’s responsibility to contact Service Support, as soon as they become aware of the projected move: Michael Hood 703-0615 or 844-4680.
    • Notifying Service Support in advance of the move is critical for planning and coordination.If there is a schedule conflict, the move may be scheduled for a different time or the client may make other arrangements.
    • If Service Support can accommodate the request, a work order should be entered. If a work order already exists, a phase should be added for Service Support to perform the move.

Departmental Contact Info

Service Provided

Service Support will address any concerns or special handling considerations that customer may have.

  • Equipment Needed for Move
  • Packing Supplies – Service Support can provide boxes, box tape and packing papers. Varying quantities of unused or left-over boxes from previous moves can be obtained at no charge. All other moving materials are charged to the work request at actual cost.
  • Property Moves – Identify what type of move – Surplus or Relocation. The department that is moving is responsible for submitting a list of inventory to Property Services. The furnishings of each room should be listed, along with the new destination including building and room number. A Property Services Equipment Transaction Form should be filled out. Each item, regardless of value, or the presence of the property control number, should be listed for Property Control. This information is required for insurance purposes. Service Support cannot move personal items. Personal items are classified as items that do not belong to the University. Insurance will not cover the losses associated with personal items.
  • Lab Equipment – All hoods and items contaminated with biological, chemical or radioactive material must be decontaminated and tagged by Risk Management/Lab Safety as being properly decontaminated.
  • Schedule Time Period to Perform Move

Waste Reduction and Recycling Department (WRRD) will provide equipment to collect all trash and recycling for a move. Examples of waste considerations the customer may have to include:

  • Disposing of Confidential Documents
  • Trash Collection and Disposal
  • Recycling Paper
  • Recycling Electronics (make sure electronics do not have a property ID tag affixed)
Customer Responsibilities
  1. Designate a contact. This contact person must be on site during the move.
  2. Place work request for moving services through the work management office (4-HELP). Identity the order in which furnishings and office are to be moved.
  3. Schedule Facilities General Construction Shop to remove wall-mounted items, fixtures, partitions and other items to be dismantled, or to make modifications to accommodate larger items. General Construction contacts: Travis Tally (4-4545)
  4. Waste Reduction and Recycling Department (WRRD) will review each move request to determine the most effective method for removing waste and recycling and the equipment needed to complete the move.
    • If WRRD is needed for the move, a work request should be entered or WRRD added as a phase to the existing work request. Contact information for the move coordinator should be listed on the work request. This will allow WRRD to communicate with a department or building to ensure trash and recycling bins are serviced and emptied as needed.
    • Please see the WRRD website for a list of charges associated with trash and recycling collection equipment and labor charges. Also listed are the trash and recycling bin specs for University buildings. If new bins are needed to be purchased due to a building move, please contact the WRRD office before purchasing new bins.

Level 2

Surplus Property

Project Manager and/or Actual Customer
  1. Identify in the move request any property to go to surplus or to be transferred to another department.
  2. Surplus or Transferring Property – Surplus Property Forms must be attached, in advance, for property to be accepted by Surplus.  For questions, please contact the Surplus Property Manager, Bill Capp (4-4984).
  3. Label boxes and furniture to make the unpacking easier.  Please include:
    • Individual’s Name
    • Destination Building Name and Room Number
    • Contents
  4. Surplus Computers:  Hard drive destruction form must accompany all CPUs turned in or units will not be picked up.
  5. Surplus Lab Equipment:  All hoods and items contaminated with biological, chemical or radioactive material must be decontaminated and tagged by Risk Management/Lab Safety as being properly decontaminated.  Any items that contain Freon must have the system evacuated by HVAC before the equipment will be delivered to surplus.
Customer Responsibilities

Procedure for moving file cabinets:  Filing cabinets that contain confidential information should be locked and secure.  The department will be responsible for unloading and securing those boxes.  If the contents are to be shredded, the boxes should be labeled.  Secure the boxes and complete the Shredding Authorization Form.  Once the shredding authorization is approved, the department should place work request to have the boxes picked up during the next scheduled shred day.  Standard file cabinets may be moved with the contents, if staying on the same floor, or if there is elevator access.  Depending on the weight, later file cabinets may be moved with contents, only if in the same suite or same floor.  If moving to another floor or building, the file cabinet must be unloaded.

Level 3

New Facilities

  1. Project Manager and/or Actual Customer will follow Level 1 and Level 2 protocol to complete initial move into the new facility and moving out of the current facility.
  2. Facilities Management Project Manager – The Facilities Management Project Manager should notify the Building Services Operations Manager when a new building or space is ready for occupancy.  At that time, he/she will obtain keys, notify pest control, schedule cleaning and floor maintenance.
  3. Customer Responsibilities – will notify WRRD and schedule a work order to install waste and recycle bins.  There may be additional waste and recycling needs that require WRRD attention.