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5 Questions with Dan King, Vice President of Facilities Management

By April 23, 2024May 14th, 2024No Comments
Dan King, Vice President of Facilities Management

Dan King, Vice President of Facilities Management

Why did you come to Auburn?

Prior to coming to Auburn, I was in the Navy.  In 2008, I was at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland in the same job that I have here. I was set to retire from the Navy the following year. I had just finished my first resume, in anticipation of that retirement–I had never needed one in the Navy.  I had also been following “vice president of facilities” jobs on university job websites when I saw the Auburn job. I knew some folks in the Navy who had gone to Auburn, and they were very passionate about their love for their alma mater. So, I thought I would submit my resume for the job in the hope of getting at least a job interview. Being in the Navy, we did not do job interviews, so I wanted to get practice interviewing since I would need that skill the following summer when I left the Navy. I submitted my application as a lark. Six months later, I had a job offer from Auburn University. All I really wanted was a job interview, but evidently got more traction than I anticipated.  I am an example of the old saying:  “Be careful of what you ask for, you may get it!”

What made Auburn University special to you?

The culture of the Auburn Family. Auburn is full of incredible people. The sense of family brings us all together and keeps us together. It is a very special thing that does not exist in too many other places.

What are you most proud of with regards to your career at Auburn?

I am pleased with how Facilities Management has evolved and improved over the last 15 years.  We are a much better organization today than we were then, and much more capable of meeting the needs of our many campus clients.

What will you miss most about Auburn University?

The people. I will miss all the wonderful, talented and hardworking people within Facilities Management. It has been a joy to work with them all these years. I have also been fortunate to be able to work with exceptional colleagues across campus. The people of Auburn made my time here great, and they are what I will miss the most.

What do you plan to do when you retire?

I have four grandkids, so will spend more time with them. I plan to focus on my health by walking and biking more. I hope to travel a bit with my wife, Jan. I love to read and learn. I may start a small consulting firm. I entertain myself well, so I don’t think I will have any problems shifting to the retired life.


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