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Facilities Human Resources

Our Mission

Our goal is to be a proactive and collaborative partner providing support through recruiting, retaining, rewarding and recognizing of Facilities Management employees as they work to achieve Auburn’s goal of cultivating a culture of excellence.

Our Team

Loren Winn
Division Director, Facilities Human Resources
Tel: 334-734-1628



Karen Whitehead
Manager, Facilities Human Resources
Tel: 334-734-0360

Compensation:  Reclassifications, Performance Evaluations, Job Family Promotions, Salary Alignments, and Z Jobs.

Hayley White
Facilities Training Manager
Tel: 334-734-2551

Training and Workforce Development: Programs and initiatives for staff training & workforce development, community outreach, apprenticeship programs.

Jessica Johnson
Human Resource Generalist II
Tel: 334-734-0760

Recruitment Process: Full Time, TES, and Students-Postings, Interview Approvals, Pay Evaluators, Applicant Evaluators, and hiring documentation submissions.

Sara Newman
Human Resource Generalist I
Tel: 334-758-1667

Employee Engagement/Relations: FMLA, SCP, PPL, and employee records administration, onboarding/offboarding, and employee relations.

Training & Job Postings

Facilities Policies