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5 Questions with Dalton Sconyers

By January 31, 2024February 1st, 2024No Comments

Tree Care Supervisor Dalton Sconyers hangs up a wreath on Samford Hall during the holiday season.

1. What encouraged you to pursue a career in landscaping?

Encouragement from my stepdad Duane Brummett and close friend Tom Eden to be precise. I originally came to AU as a veterinary student and making a D in Organic Chemistry more than once, my stepdad told me to find something else that I know about and make it fun, like gardening. My background in the row crop market from seed to harvest and citrus production made horticulture a natural fit. Shortly after this conversation, I met Tom Eden who had retired from the green industry after many years, and he shared his knowledge of plants and piqued my interest even further in the landscape world.

2. What made you want to join Facilities Management?

I was proud to be an Auburn Horticulture student, and as they say, “People who love Auburn, love Auburn as a whole.” Working at my alma matter was a proud goal of mine.

3. What is your favorite thing about working with the Facilities team?

We all share a common thread by taking pride in beautifying the Auburn campus inside and out.

4. What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I enjoy carpentry work and piddling in the barn.

5. What is a fun fact most people wouldn’t know about you?

I started collecting model scale tractors when I was 4 years old and now have a dedicated second-story barn display of all these tractors.

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