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Our Program:

The Auburn University Facilities Management Career Connections program is summer job program designed to address the statewide need for high school graduates to engage in the trades and skilled trade labor force for Alabama. Specifically, Career Connections provides a viable and engaging experience for high school students aged 16 and over to work in a safe trade-related position for 6 – 8 weeks during the summer gaining valuable personal experience while also providing meaningful service work and on the job skills learning. In addition, the program provides essential soft skills training related to applying for and working in skills related jobs and does this in an environment that encourages meaningful relationships between skilled workers and students.

Curriculum Details:

Students can complete a work-based learning credit by working up to 140 hours during the summer.

Application Process:

Applications open January 2, 2024 – apply here! Candidates hired into the AUFM Career Connections Program are TES (temporary) Auburn Employees.

application timeline for Career Connections 2024