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Skilled Trades Apprenticeship

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3 coworkers where work helmets and face shields looking at electrical panel

Job announcements recently closed for the first cohort to be employed as part of Facilities Management’s skilled trades apprenticeship program set to launch this summer.
“The goal of the program is to bring apprentices in at entry level and by the time they have finished our four-year program they will have gained journey level skills,” said Dan Whatley, Facilities Management assistant vice president of Facilities Operations. “This is truly starting at the beginning and learning through experience.”
Two apprentice plumbers and two apprentice electricians will be hired to kick-off the program.
“We feel that these two trades are where we have the most exposure and where we are going to need the most help in maintaining our workforce in the next two- to- ten years,” Whatley said.
Each apprentice will receive a combination of 8,000 hours of on-the-job instruction and formal classroom instruction through the four-year program which will include assessments and on-the-job evaluation to move to the next level. They will also be considered full-time Auburn University employees and will receive university benefits such as health insurance, and holiday, annual and sick leave.

“Apprentices will receive pay increases as their skills and knowledge increase,” said Loren Winn, director of Facilities Management Human Resources, who worked with Whatley to create the program. “These progressive wage increases help reward and motivate apprentices as they advance through their training.
Every graduate of the program will receive a nationally recognized credential and will be eligible to sit for the journeyman license in their respective field.”
The program is registered with the State of Alabama and will use the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) curriculum.
Facilities is looking for instructors to teach the classroom-based portion of the program. Those interested in becoming instructors, but are not NCCER certified, can receive training at the university.
“Instructors can be anyone who is certified as a journey level tradesperson in the plumbing and/or electrical field(s) and has a passion for developing others. It can be an Auburn Facilities Management employee, a professor on campus, an instructor from Southern Union or someone from one of our regional suppliers,” said Whatley, who is an NCCER certified master trainer. “The nice part is that chosen instructors will not have to travel for training that can be done here at Auburn.”

If interested in becoming an instructor, contact FMHR Generalist Hayley White:

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