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WRRD partners with students to turn waste into educational art

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The Waste Reduction and Recycling Department (WRRD) recently partnered with the “ARTS-3520 Sculpture as Object” class on a project designed to bring attention to the need for sustainable use of waste material.

“The goal of sustainable waste management is to keep materials in use for as long as possible and minimize the amount of solid waste that is sent to landfills,” said Waste Reduction and Recycling Manager Joan Hicken. “Using and reusing materials more productively over their entire life cycle provides opportunities to reduce environmental impacts, conserve resources, and reduce costs.”

The assignment was for the students to work in groups and create sculptures using recycled and reused materials, scavenged or salvaged, turning waste into art to highlight the importance to reduce, reuse and recycle.

WRRD Coordinator Jesse Teel worked with assistant professor Kristen Tordella-Williams in the Arts Department and her students on the project.

As a result, the students created three sculptures that served as educational tools and a source of inspiration for Auburn University students to think, act and make a positive impact on the environment.

The sculptures were on display Nov. 28 – 30 on the Thach Concourse near the Haley Center.

“O’Deer” was a large structure standing almost six-feet tall at the top of its antlers. It was made using recycled steel, wood, chicken wire, cardboard and plastic bags. 

Recycling Sculpture 3

The “Don’t be a Monster” sculpture was designed using recycled chicken wire, packing foam and aluminum cans.

Recycling Sculpture 1

“The Woodcutter” piece was designed with preserved moss, a thrifted mirror and wood.

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